Cutting Board Conundrum pt2

So we have our cutting board after 5 days of clamped cure time, and 5 days of free air rest.  We have a stable bond across the seam and appears to be a successful repair.

Cured and rested board showing repaired seam.

Yet as we can see the warp is still there along with the hard plastic feet.  So we have to move on to relieving the impact stress to the board.

Hard plastic feet and warp as seen across flat surface.

Choice of material is clear rubber bumpers.  This will even out the stance of the board on flat surfaces, and dissipate impact stress.

Hard plastic feet removed, rubber bumper replacements with screws.
Select drill bit for pilot hole, compare to screw ensuring it is not bigger than threads.
Insert into drill chuck to be equal or less than the length of the screws.
If drill bit is still too long, use a nut or washers to create a drill stop.
Mark center points and drill to depth.
Finished bumper installation. Even load distribution to all corners and center line support.

Repairs completed and delivered to client with satisfactory results.

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