Ear Mold Container

First of all.. ew.. Ear Mold?

Actually it’s not what you think, and technically it’s an impression with the ear itself being the mold.  Which would be a good topic for later discussion.

So here’s the project.. Create a pocket sized container for a pair of custom fit hearing protection plugs.  It needs to keep them together, yet with separate compartments for sanitary purposes.  Small and light weight, fitting easily in a shirt pocket.

Left and right custom hearing protection.

Quick measurement allowing for finger clearance yielded for each pocket:

  • 1.000″ wide
  • 1.500″ long
  • 0.625″ deep
1.000″w x 1.500″h x 0.625″d pocket requirements.

To start off with, you really only need to design half a box and mirror it over.  Here we see the exterior plan form with edges rounded for comfort.

Half container plan form with rounded edges

Then create lines set 0.0625″ (1/16th) in from the exterior plan to create the well and side walls. From that generate an extrusion 0.1250″ (1/8th) shorter than the main box, and subtract leaving the final well.

Hollowed structure with 0.0625″ (1/16th) side walls and 0.6250″ depth. Creating a 0.1250″ (1/8th) thick floor.

Take the formed box structure and mirror it along the center of the separating wall.  The result will be the final box form with the required two wells.

First structure mirrored then added together for final box result.

Add the mirrored sides together leaving the final product ready for production.

Final well box design, ready for printing.

Off to the printer we go.

.STL sliced, checked and ready for printing.
Print complete. Run time 40 minutes.
Well box checked for sizing and fit with ear molds.

Now that we have a box that fits the items, it’s on to the lid.  Nothing truly special here, just a simple 0.0625″ (1/16th) cap with tangs to grip the interior wall surfaces.

Underside of cap design to highlight grip tangs.
.STL checked, sliced, and ready for printing.
Printed well box cap ready for checking. Run time 10 minutes.

Now that all our pieces are off the printer, time to check for fit and last minute changes.

Box, cap, and ear molds.

Cap fits snug with the tangs keeping a firm grip.  Subjected container to shaking while holding the sides and facing down, simulating shocks with ear molds impacting the cap interior.  Cap did not fail under load.

Completed container ready for delivery.

Designed, printed, tested and ready for delivery in just under two hours.  No surface treatments added due to possible reactivity and health concerns with ear mold contact.  Client satisfied with results and will report back with any issues or desired changes.

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